Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trading Fins for Feathers

The fishing close to home has been a little off of late. A Sunday free from work provided a perfect opportunity to leave the rivers behind for a day and take to the fields. I'd been wanting to give pheasant hunting a shot for a while, and talked some buddies into showing me the ropes.

At Alex's suggestion, we stopped for a hearty Amish breakfast. I asked for the "lighter fare" menu...

Hangover helper meal

All that butter and sugar catches up to you quickly....

Apparently upland birds like to hide. Without the aid of a dog, it's on you to go and find 'em. Look closely and you'll see a couple hard-working hunters.

Practice swing
"Seriously though dude, where the hell are these things?"

Never did kick up a bird, but I really enjoyed this type of hunting. Next time I'm bringin' the hounds.

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