Monday, November 15, 2010

Our favorite color...


There's nothing better than setting the hook, and having it take off like a bat out of hell.  Or feeling the fish head towards the surface, and seeing a silver missile explode out of the water.  They're in the best condition of all the fish in the river.  Chromers are clean, fat, and most of them haven't seen a fly in months - so they're more than willing to eat the one on the end of your line.  When you find one, you can bet that he or she has company nearby.  What's not to like?

Some of my best memories while steelheading have been running in to massive pushes of chromers - the stars align and they all seem to be in the same place, thinking the same thing.  When you're in that place you're in for a day you won't forget.  Let's hope that the rain forecasted for later this week puts the silver fish in their "happy place" and sends them south.

That said, as we wait in anticipation of rain and crappy weather, here are some of Dudewater's favorite chromer shots to make everyone feel all warm and tingly inside.

She's a bright one.  Well, her color anyway.

Dudewater follower, Chuck, with a slab from the early fall.  Priceless.

They show up in the winter, too.

Fast Jimi with a good one.  She's a dime.

Doodaddies.  The tell-tale sign.

Surfs up!

A "freshie" with a little bit of fall in the background.


Bring on the rain.


  1. Read the title in my list and I said "chrome". Knew it! Nice report

    the Average Joe Fisherman

  2. I have been practicing my rain dance!

  3. Great Pictures Man!