Thursday, April 26, 2012

As promised...

Remember that spring trout 'sampler' I told you to keep an eye out for following my trip to Vermont? Well I know y'all have been on pins and needles waiting for it, so without further adieu...

"Trout Fishing on The Battenkill; A Photo Essay"

The End.

Despite some tough fishing for my group we did have a great time up in VT though catching up with a lot of folks I hadn't seen since last years get-together. The good news is, some folks actually did have some success on the water last week. Check out this post from the guys down at Nemacolin, who managed to catch all the fish on the Battenkill that I didn't.  

Even better, a few first-timers got an awesome introduction to the sport courtesy of our friend Greg Senyo. Check out this awesome post about their second-annual kids fly fishing camp.

We're in the process of putting together our annual spring trout rendezvous, which should be a hoot considering everything I'm hearing indicates that the trout fishing in central PA is enfuego right now. The side project wraps up for good this friday, leaving one less obstacle between me and time on the water. Should be a great summer!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cancer can...

Fast jimmy is on the home stretch, what better place to celebrate than the old stomping grounds. Willoughby 4 Eva.

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Waiting in Limbo

While we're waiting anxiously for the switch of the seasons to flip for good, there's no sense in staying off the water. No need to tell Randy Moss that - he just keeps punchin' the clock and is now adding multi-species work to his resume... albeit on the end of somebody else's rod. What can I say Alex, sometimes is is the arrow.

I've been getting out when I can but have had my hands tied this month with just about everything but fishing - signing the papers on the new Fast Jimmy basecamp, and winding down the side-project. Both tasks should be completed before the end of the month, so needless to say May can't come soon enough.

Also for those who haven't seen it, Dudewater got a nice plug on page 52 of the most recent issue of The Mag. Pretty exciting stuff for us, with hopefully more to come in the future. Miraculously, I also got the future Mrs. Lampros to sign on for a September honeymoon at El Pescador in Belize. She claims she might even let me fish, but we'll see...

I'm hitting the road Sunday for a meeting of the minds up in Vermont. Somewhere in between 3 days of Orvis Fishing Managers meetings I'm told we'll get a chance to wet a line, so keep an eye out for a little spring trout sampler.

Friday, April 6, 2012


After spending the past few weeks cranking out the last parts of my master's thesis, I've gotten a little restless.  As of today it's done and finished, which means there's only one priority left: trout.

It didn't take much prodding from Dudewater favorite John Miller to convince me and a buddy that we need to be on the Delaware this weekend.  He sent me these shots a few hours ago - blanket hatches of dark brachys, quills, and Hendricksons. In record time, the Jeep was packed and the boat was hitched.  We're headed north for trout in the morning and I couldn't be more excited...

Have a great Easter weekend!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Swamp Music

Like I said a couple weeks ago, low water and an early spring has had us playing to a different tune lately. No one seems to be complaining...