Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekly Waderfunk: 7 days of bad casts

A friend recently suggested we start a new weekly installment here in Dudewater country. Those who've been with us a while know how great we are at keeping regular with our installments, but I figured what the hell? We'll give it a shot. Unfortunately he didn't really specify what he had in mind, other than a catchy name, so I suppose that gives me artistic license to interpret as I deem fit.

Newton's Laws of Motion state that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  In the fly fishing cosmos this implies that for every permit hooked, every cover-worthy grip-n-grin, every shadow-boxed salmon fly, there is a foul hooked whitefish, a regrettable gag-n-grimace, and an aborted fly design that keep the world from imploding.

This installment will highlight the latter. Because we all make a bad cast now and then.

First, there was the fly tying session gone south...

mmm.... nope.

.... nope.

.... yyyyyyyepp.

Then there were a few exceptional fly shop who-said-that's...

"Sooooo... you're saying the difference between 2X and 3X is the color of the material, right?"

"I love the flies you guys sell man. Yea man, these, these right here... these salmon egg things man. These are great. They hit these like crazy. These are like, my main thing now."

Thankfully there were a few highlights on the positive end of the spectrum. Here's a sampling just to balance the Yin with the Yang...

This week is sure to bring a with it a new slough of fly fishing follies, and we encourage any and all weekly waderfunk submissions featuring the less glamorous side of our beloved pastime!

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