Monday, March 11, 2013

Warmwater Warm-Up

It'd been unseasonably warm for a couple days running, but it still caught me off guard. I'd come ostensibly to walk the dog, burn a few calories, and do a little scouting. It was merely coincidence that I happened to have a fully rigged 7 weight in my hand. 

The flat light and turbid water were enough to make me question my eyes at first. A second look confirmed it though. There he was, sucking bottom like it was the middle of July. Without thinking about it I crouched, unhooked the fly and laid out a cast. The fish was facing me with it's nose a few inches from the bank, and the window to land a fly where he could see it without crossing his body and spooking him was slim. The fly landed a few inches to the left of the fish, and a short strip brought it into his view. He tail-kicked to it with a purpose & slurped it up gluttonously, a move which he regretted shortly thereafter.

I have to say, there is no rod on the planet better suited to this application than the Helios 2. Take it with a grain of salt if you must as I sell them for a living. The simple fact is, the way this rod translates the cast as it's conceived in the angler's mind into reality is kind of frightening, and I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Tomorrow it's back to swinging for steelhead as temps drop back into the 20's with threats of snow. The carp hunting will have to wait.

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