Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 5: Agua Grande

Took a ride down the Clark Fork today out of St. Regis, MT. Beautiful hot, sunny weather meant we had to work hard for the fish we boated, but they were all worth it. Sean busted his ass behind the sticks and got us more shots at fish then we probably deserved, including a couple of Cutties pushing 18 inches. Big, gorgeous water, and few anglers to compete with - starting to love this part of MT more and more for that reason. Easily saw a dozen baldies along the way and had a 25ish inch bull trout take a swipe at my 14 inch rainbow. All stuff you don't really see much of back home, or many other places for that matter.

90+ and sunny wasn't just rough on the fish. after 6 hours of pullin' on the oars in the blazing sun, Sean had finally had a enough and dove in.

Meanwhile I did my best to stay hydrated.

Looks like we will take a crack at the Kootenai tomorrow, which is pumping at 25,000 CFS. The good news is we had a boat post a 30 fish day yesterday, on dry flies no less and at 28,000 CFS. Keeping our fingers crossed that we'll sniff that number tomorrow. I'll keep ya posted! Sent from my iPhone

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