Monday, July 30, 2012

Crusade Intermission; Picture Updates; Chasin' Tail(s)

We've reached the intermission leading up to leg 2 of the crusade, which has given me a little time to get caught up on a few points of business. First off, I've added corresponding pictures to the last 6 posts for your viewing pleasure. If you've been following along, have a look through them again as hopefully the pictures will help tell the story a little more clearly.

Second, given my 1 day off before pulling chocks for Wyoming and beyond, Alex and I decided to go whisker hunting. Unfortunately heavy rains Friday night soured most of the rivers, so we were a little concerned about our ability to see targets. Turns out it doesn't really matter what color the water is when carp are waving their tails a foot and a half in the air...

Hoping to do a little more video for the blog on the upcoming trip and started playing around eith it this weekend. Check out this short one of Alex making a sick shot at a tailer and sticking him cold on the eat!

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