Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Crusade day 4: Craneflies? Seriously?

I'm tired as hell and set to rise at the ass crack of dawn for another round tomorrow, so forgive my brevity. Suffice it to say that we set out to stick cutties on dry flies and stick them we did... Along with a few bows, browns, and cut bows. The bug du jour was Craneflies surprisingly enough and I watched well over a dozen naturals get wacked throughout the day. Our best match was a size 12 tan Schroeders Para Hopper, and while not perfect (saw plenty of refusals) it was enough to get the job done. Nothing huge and no big numbers, but stunningly beautiful Westslope Cuts from water that now has to be the front runner for most beautiful setting I've ever made a cast in. Clark Fork mañana! Here's hoping for the big one!


  1. We want photos - and lots of them please :-)

  2. Photos are coming, just need my laptop! Should be able to get a bunch up on Saturday.