Wednesday, February 9, 2011

At Least Somebody's Fishing

Maybe life in The Big City's not so bad after all. In the midst of the worst winter in recent memory our buddy JD has been finding time to stick a few trout and was kind enough to rub it in with a report and some pics. Enjoy...

"I have a fairly serious love affair with spring creeks. Regardless of drought, rain, sleet or snow the flows are rarely unfishable; more often than not the river runs clear and consistent. Accordingly, the insects are healthy and the wild trout feed hungrily . . . albeit warily.

I’m clearly biased, as I first learned to fly fish on a local limestoner. But when the salmon fly hatch is months and miles away and exotic flats can only be accessed through blogspot URLs, many spring creeks are patiently waiting in spite of Old Man Winter.

Sure, it was 35 degrees and sleeting. And yes, the 8x was certainly not preferred, but the beers were cold and the trout were rising. Now that’s a tasty Molson."


  1. Canadian... Eh. Just one question. If the winter's cold & opportunities limited, why not trade the 9' for a 2' on the ice?