Monday, January 3, 2011

Above and beyond...

Fishing a midwinter thaw is always a bit dicy.  There's been lots of ice around, and when that ice starts to scrape and gouge it's way down the creek sometimes steelhead get caught between a rock...and a hard place so to speak.  The three of us headed out today thinking that we'd have good water conditions, but without really any expectations of what we'd find in it.  

When we arrived a quick glance at the river told us that the first part of the equation was looking good.  Now what about the second part?

After a three-way cosmic fish loosing streak, fast Jimi got on the board.

Not a bad looking winter hen.

Jimmi Jackhammer jousts with steelhead.

 That's good for two.

Another +2.


The long road home.

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