Sunday, January 2, 2011

365 Days of Fly Fishing...

365 days ago I stepped of a plane in to one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.  Chilean Patagonia.

Late January in Ohio was full of ice and snow - so fast Jimmy and I made a trip to the Delaware to go throw big flies for big browns.

A couple mid-winter thaws were just enough to get me through February.

Jimmi Jackhammer struck silver along the ice.

But the beginning of March found me on the flats of Mexico.

Even ditched the boat for a little bit to walk a little farther up a tidal creek...and once up there hooked a tarpon on a bow and arrow cast.  But, of course, promptly lost it as it jumped into a tree.

Caught an eagle ray on a fly.

That's Duggins with a 12 wt.

Carribbean albies?  Yep.

Spring steelhead season came along.  It was short, but some of the days were pretty damn sweet.

Had this guy in the front of my boat.  Next time he's rowing.

And after it left it was time to go after trout again.  First in Pennsylvania.

Then in Wyoming and Montana.

And as the West started to get cold, the fishing back home was just starting to pick up.

After a few weeks on the beaches, the fish started to really get in to the creeks where I had some days fishing both on my own and with clients that I won't soon forget.

And the steelhead brought with them a few new friends.

Spent a couple days on the water with this indian princess.

And then, right on time, winter returned.

After it locked up home, I fled back to the Delaware for one last crack at some big fish on big flies.

2010...a good year.

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  1. I haven't visited it yet but I already like this place were I can catch too many fish. Maybe if someone introduced me to a Fishing trip there, I think I should go.