Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We Want YOU!

... To buy a CARP hat. Follow this link. Send the caysh. Acquire instant big fish mojo. It's that easy.

Regarding those mini-trips I referenced last time:

Monday evening was an after-work exploratory in search of toothy critters. Pretty River. Pretty flies. Pretty Casting. Tasty sandwiches. Shitty beer (shame on you, Alex). One missed fish (shame on you, Aaron).

Tuesday, return trip to the Erie Flats. This time with vessel in tow. Mark and I had been planning this trip for sometime and were finally able to make it happen. Fishing was just good enough to hold our interest for most of the day, but the real treat was fishing out of his super-pimped-out-flats-style Old Town equipped with casting decks, stabilizer pontoons, poling platform and trolling motor. The rig enhanced the whole experience 10-fold... visibility, casting, line management, water coverage. Really made me consider stepping up my watercraft game. By the time the sun crested, the majority of fish were up skinny so we ditched the motor and picked up the pole. It was truly a saltwater flats style experience as we cast to cruising smallmouth, carp, and gar. Had a couple incredibly visual eats from chunky bronzebacks and my first shot at a bowfin, which I failed to convert.

My favorite carp water is still clearing from recent rains but the forecast is favorable for some hit-and-run action later this week. I've added another trip to the docket between now and the Tour-De-Mitt which could yield some exciting blog fodder, so stay tuned!

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