Friday, June 7, 2013

Waderfunk Returns

I gotta' tell ya'... my job is so much easier when y'all do it for me.

Couple of reader submissions for this week's Waderfunk installment:

The best way to address environmental concerns in your local fisheries? Take action yourself. This guy is doing his part to address the "low flows" in his local ditches by giving back to the watershed...

And then of course, we've all been here...  this one arrived in my text inbox with the caption, "Say one was to hook ones self with a fly. How would one get it out?" 

Reminiscent of another classic Dudewater moment - arguably the original Waderfunk installment.

To that end, I've noticed we've had some new visitors to the blog... welcome! If you're just joining the party, take some time to look around. We're almosts 300 posts deep and I'd like to think that whatever your fancy, there's a post to tickle it: Tarpon, Trout, Carp, steelhead... life. If you've been with us for a while, thanks for stickin' around - we like the company.

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