Monday, September 17, 2012

The 5 Best Feelings in Fly Fishing?

With the countdown to my impending nuptials dwindling to single digits this week, I thought I'd do something a little different for my last two posts as a single Dude. I'd like to get a little more reader engagement going on the blog, so we'll start by compiling the 5 best feelings in fly fishing. Note that for discussions sake, feeling is different than "moment," or "accomplishment,"; we'll keep it sensory for this one. Also note that my list is based on my own experiences, which are inherently limited. I'm hoping that by the time I return from the honeymoon, it will need modifying.

1. The steelhead swung-fly grab

2. The power of a tarpon

3. Sticking the dry fly hookset on a 20+

4. Putting it on a dime at 60 +

5. The "thump" of running line against the reel on a well-executed Spey cast



  1. Good list but I would add the "have to go sit down" feeling you get after landing a big fish. Regardless of the setting, you're shaking,pumping some serious blood and just need to take it all in. That's a good feeling...

  2. Good call Diddy. Love that feeling of fulfillment after bagging a donkey. Standing on the bank drinking coffee or a cold one, watching your buddy go through the run and stick one is a great feeling... Got me fuckin' psyched
    for steelhead season!

  3. Coming tight on a BIG carp when you're not sure there was an eat and your fly line just unzips the surface of the stream.


  4. Just got back from Eleven Mile canyon in CO. Split off from my buddies and hooked a big 'bow on a nymph in a long plunge pool. Instead of the vertical jumps it did two horizon jumps upstream followed by two horizontal jumps downstream. Thing went crazy. Spit the hook just before I landed it, but the damage was done. I had to take a seat on a rock I was so worked up. Horizontal jumps are a whole different feeling than vertical. And sometimes it's even better when you're alone, with nobody to help vent the steam off.

  5. Good list, I would add going tight after sight fishing a good fish! Knowing you got it to eat is an awesome feeling!

  6. I agree with Derek and Diddy - I'd add another one to top it all off. Watching a kid come tight on their first fish on a fly rod - great feeling.