Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Out of the office...

The dudes are out of the "office" this week and out where we ought to be.

Word is Fast Jimmy will have some big news when he returns home from his honeymoon at el Pescador in Belize. I won't steal his thunder here, but let's just say I'm really looking forward to seeing the pictures

Go figure, after a pretty serious thunderstorm and some tense moments about making my connection here I find myself with the most leg room I've ever had on an airplane. 

By 11 tonight I'll be back in my old stompings grounds of the middle-of-nowhere Wyoming tryin to get off the grid and score with the local...trout that is.  Keeping my fingers crossed that likely my last trout trip before heading north for the lake run jumbo version is filled with as much positive karma as the rest of my summer.

Here's to continued good fishin and a good time to Mr. and Mrs. Fast Jimmy, and congratulations again.

Fall in Wyoming - there's no better place to be.

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