Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Can't Stop

I'm really having a hard time slowing down. Last week I was after a feather fix, this week I've been chasing tail. And, as addicts will do, I've been dragging others into the fray with me.

For all I've read and heard about the magic of sporting dogs, until last Tuesday I'd never had the privilege of hunting over a real working dog. And for those who are in the same boat, let me tell you, it is a privilege. My dad and I got after a few birds with Baby, the setter. Her instinct and drive were remarkable and the quality of her training was on display from beginning to end. The best part was, the whole time she was working she seemed happy. It was really a thing of beauty and I hope to have the privilege again very soon.

See the chukar in the photo below? I didn't, and I was ten feet away...

So, thanks to Baby, I will have a contribution to the man meal this year after all!

Seems like the Old Man may be getting the bug again too. Had him out twice this week and watched him put this beauty on the bank yesterday, despite Victor's best attempt to release the fish for him...

Meanwhile, Alex says he has a job; I'm not so sure. I do know that he has been giving the fish the business recently and definitely had the hot hand yesterday. Look for the "Fur burger" in a fly shop near you in 2012...

I managed to get on the board before the end of the day too, despite spending most of the morning throwing some of the prettiest tailing loops you will ever see.

Man meal Thursday, DW year end review after that... stay tuned.

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