Thursday, December 9, 2010's cold out.

Driving home last night from the river was pretty interesting experience, but being on the river might have been even more so.  I met up with another local guide, and we headed out to check out the rivers and see what kind of leeway we'd have for trips and/or fishing this weekend. 

Upon arriving at the stream the first thing that stood out was the amount of shelf ice that had formed over the past couple days.  So we got to work removing it from anywhere we thought we might be able to find a fish or two.  Breaking up the ice wasn't too bad, but moving it was.  It was impossible to tell by just looking at it, but each section that was iced over was also pretty much clogged with slush from the bottom of the ice to the riverbed.  Ice removal just became a much more arduous task.

After a couple hours of work in a few choice spots we were able to fish, and the fishing wasn't half bad when you factored in the conditions that were there.

You're going to be cold, you're going to have to work really hard, and you might go home empty handed no matter what you do.  I'm sure you've heard us or someone else say it before - fishing this time of year comes down to "how bad do you want it."  

Well, I want it. Time to put my waders on.  See you out there...

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