Friday, August 23, 2013


If it seems like the Michigan wrap up is dragging on a bit, forgive me. With the culmination of Tennessee tour, we're now sitting on a full backlog of pictures and stories, writing and editing. With the dawn of steelhead season fast approaching, it won't be getting any easier to find time behind a computer. Thankfully, in the meantime some of our readers have been supplying the blog-fodder for us in the form of submissions to the ongoing "What are you fishing for" photo contest....

Would love to see a few more submissions, especially with the "relaxed" contest rules. The swag is there for the taking. Who doesn't need a new Buff and a fresh fly line??

Since you're probably wondering, the Big Orange came through the Volunteer state with flying colors and made for another epic adventure. As for all that "live blogging" talk about the 3RCC... tough to post pictures of the fish you didn't catch. An awesome time was had by all though and I'm working on the recap as we speak.

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