Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekend Whiskerfunk

It seems like a distant memory already, but the warmer weather of early April had the carp flats lit up like the 4th of July...

I've been testing a variety of patterns from the epic March tying binge, and have had varying degrees of success with all of them. At the moment, with water temps fluctuating dramatically and still on the chilly side of the whisker pigs' comfort zone, the key has been fly placement. Fish aren't moving far to take flies, but an accurate cast has garnered an eat more often than not.

The highlight of the week was a close encounter of the third kind with a Turbo Dyson that mouthed a dry fly (a prototype "algae fly" that is showing promise) only to spit it before finding the business end. I also got to tango in tight quarters with some small stream bottom suckers. Wonder if the boys up at the mother ship can cook me up a 6-foot 7-weight?

In other news, orders have officially been placed for the new line of Dudewater gear! Hoover hounds everywhere will be clamoring to get their paws on the new lids. As soon as I get the samples I'll share them with you and I'll be talking pre-orders for both hats and koozies. Proceeds will go to a good cause... the perpetuation of this blog!

I'll be squeezing in a few days of hunting for chromers before jumping a plane for Montana, where I'll spend the majority of next week hanging out with industry pals and (hopefully) sticking a few trout. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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