Monday, January 14, 2013

Staying Resolute

Faced with the ever-pressing reality of climate extremes, you've got to keep your senses sharp and stay ready for any and every opportunity to take advantage of the seasons. With what appeared to be the last chance of the year to do some "water walkin," the fellas risked life and limb last week to haul a batch of slab 'gills through some slim ice. The bounty was enough that we were able to throw together a nice little man meal, crack some cold ones and turn out a handful of regrettable winter steelhead flies

After a bit of overgrazing I had to force myself back onto the StairMaster saddle to keep chizzlin' at that resolution. Whilst getting my workout on, I decided to do a little reading to help ease the pain. Consequently my once-fresh copy of the latest Mag is now spattered with salty new years resolve. 

After reading Tom McGuane's piece on swinging up Kola Peninsula Atlantics, it didn't take long until I had "resolved" to get out and get bent by the next best thing.

I've been testing the "Indian vs. The Arrow" approach to swinging flies lately. So far, results are coming back inconclusive...

Looks like we'll get another mid-January window for some casting practice later this week. We'll see if those regrettable creations from the vise yield any statistically significant findings...

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