Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December is for Ducks and Doodaddies

The stars seem to have aligned. There are more silver fish in the rivers now than we've seen all year, and the hunt for doodaddies is on from Sandusky to Buffalo and beyond. Old man winter has fired his warning shot - a few fleeting flakes, with promises that soon they'll be bigger, stickier, and more abundant.

This week has already produced some of the hottest fish I've tangoed with all season. Powerful runs, headshakes and acrobatics - Not what you'd expect from fish holding in 35 degree water.

The $5 gas station clown hat I picked up a couple weeks ago seems to be accruing some substantial mojo...

There's a story behind the fish below, but we'll save that for another time.

Most of all I just wanted to touch base and let y'all now that in between fluffing sweaters and slingin' dog beds, I'm still getting after it and doing my damndest to reap all that the 12th month has to offer. December in Dudewater country also means time for year end reviews. Brett's already working on his, but I suspect I'm at least a couple six packs and a dozen or so steelhead away from putting pen to paper  on mine, as 2012 was quite a year in the Fast Jimmy cosmos and may require some additional "reflection." In the mean time, we'll try to keep you interested.

P.S. Thanks to those who shared their support or ideas for the DW fundraiser! Some killer ideas and part of our goal for 2013 will be to put at least a couple of them into play...

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