Thursday, May 31, 2012

Get Your Mungo Jerry On

Memorial Day marks the "unofficial" start of summer, but the recent weather pattern should be all the validation you need. Indeed, it's shorts and t-shirts and leave the waders at home time. It's fishing before and after work time. It's drink 'em fast before they get warm time. It's poison ivy and mosquitoes and get that God-Damned-mother-effin'-horsefly off me time. It's keep that six-weight rigged and a change of clothes in the truck, just in case time. It's lush green leaves and full forest floors time. It's brush-bustin' and snake jumpin' and tresspassin' 'cause they can't see you through the leaves time. It's leave the bobbers and suckerspawn and split shot at home and bring the biggest nastiest God-awful ruckus-makin' popper you've got time. It's put that popper under the tree and around the snag and on the far bank time. No, not just close, on the bank, time. It's hold your breath and strip time. Strip again... it's toilet flushin' time.

It's summer time, and the livin's easy.

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