Friday, March 9, 2012

Think You're Ready For Spring?

It's early and I'm a little more antsy than usual. We jumped in the truck before I had time to take my morning squat (I hate when he does that to me! It's not my fault you woke up late buddy.) and that six-foot nylon leash I ate the other day isn't digesting as well as I thought it would. I recognize that smell though... we should be there soon.

We're hiking in now and I can see he's all fired up today. He's moving quick and just carrying the long stick, which bums me out. I always feel a little better about our chances when I see that little pink chew toy dangling from the line. Instead he's got some sparkly white monstrosity tied on there that even I wouldn't eat, and I scarfed half a pizza box and two yogurt containers last night.

I hate this crossing. Never quite get the angle right. Always end up too far downstream. And I know that water's gonna be cold, too. But the log jam on the far bank is usually good for a couple of hidden treasures...

Jackpot, dead sucker! This is a good sign. In another month these things are going to be all over the place, a feast fit for a king. I can't wait.

Damn dude, slow down already! I didn't even get three bites out of -

Oooh, deer shit.

Are we goin' to the good run? Please say we're goin' to the good run. Normally I'm all for exploring but I haven't smelled a live steelhead in two weeks and something's gotta give...

Oooh, turkey feather

The good run it is. No commands necessary, I know the drill here. Sit on my perch and wait while he walks up to the top and works his way down. Cast, swing, step. Cast, swing, step. Keep comin' buddy. You and I both know if it's gonna' happen it's gonna happen right he-

Oooh, a stick!


Fish?! Fish? Fish?! Is it a fish? DAD! Is it a fish or not!?

No? You sure? I mean are you sure? I'm gonna check underwater just to be sure. I swear I saw a tail splash.

Damn. You had me goin' man. You had me goin'. Thought we might actually see a fish for a change, you bum. You are trying, aren't you? Because I wonder sometimes. Man, I can't wait for spring to get he-

Ooh, a rock!


  1. you made him sound way too intelligent :)

  2. Sounds like Victor is attracted to shiny objects!!! Funny I think I have seen this type of attraction somewhere else. Hummmm..??!!