Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Doggin' It

When I came home covered in steelhead slime after my last outing with John, Victor insisted he not be left behind on anymore expeditions. So as usual, when I started pulling gear together at 5:00 AM last week for another trek east, he was at the door waiting. And I have to give him credit; he may not be much of a working retriever, but he's got a nose for chrome domes...


  1. I love catching big steelhead on tiny nymphs! Pray for rain. We need another push of fish :)

  2. Awesome Jim! Very well done, and I don't know who was more proud of those fish, you or Victor?

    Nice shots as well! I'll be tweaking a couple of them and posting a note on my blog with a backlink here.

    Fish On!