Thursday, May 26, 2011

State of the Dudewater Union

While it may seem like all's quiet on the Dudewater front, don't let the silence fool you. Despite the endless monsoon that's been walloping the Eastern U.S. the last two weeks, We've been fishing like maniacs because, well, that's what you do this time of year. All that fishing hasn't left much time for blog posts, so let me briefly bring you up to speed:

We had planned for months to spend the week of the 16th of May at a favorite spot on Penn's Creek, PA. With big rains in the forecast and the river already flowing at above average levels we made a difficult (but not that difficult) last-minute call to accept our friend John Miller's inivitation to spend the week on the West Branch of the Delaware. It was a wet week, but we we're not dissapointed with the fishing. I dragged the big camera up there only to find out that I'd left my SD card in my laptop, which was at home. Subsequently, all the choice grip-n-grins from last week are on Brett's camera and it may be a while before we see them; more on that later. On Friday we said goodbye to the Big D and dashed home for all of about 37 minutes before jumping back in the car and driving East again to host my Orvis Cleveland Warmwater Fly Fishing school. The fishing was tough but the school was a successful one and I'm looking forward to chasing some of those big bronzebacks for myself...

Meanwhile our buddy JD was stalking the Jersey shore searching for stripahs. Haven't gotten the details yet but looks to me like he found 'em.

So now it's back to business as usual for me, getting ready to chase some warm-water quarry close to home and planning my next adventure. Brett on the other hand is Wyoming bound for the summer. He should be arriving at the gates of trout heaven any minute now and hopefully will give us an update when he gets a chance.


  1. JD's fish was depressed. It was a suicide mission

  2. haha. rather be lucky than good. Rob, let me know when you have some free time. I'll help you remember how to put a fly rod together.

  3. You guys may want to get together soon so Chicky can get a refresher casting course before he shows Matt Lauer how to throw a tailing loop on national TV, haha.