Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hell or Highwater

Our buddy Joe Doug recently told The Man to go pound salt and decided he was going back to grad school. Naturally, the only fitting way to celebrate was to pack up and go fishing. His first stop was going to be C-Town for a brief stay at Case De Fast Jimi and a date with some spring chromers. The forecast was ominous but it'd been a while since we'd caught up and besides, we figured between the two of us we could easily tote around enough Budweiser to make a couple rainy days on the river fun nonetheless.

We gave it our best effort Tuesday and managed to squeeze in a pretty damn good day of fishing in the rain before high water chased us back to the car.

And no, we did not take turns posing with the same fish. In fact each of us got to tango with a couple of toads before executing textbook long-line releases. True to my trademark though, only the micro-steel were brought to hand.

Currently Joey is off the grid chasing stream trout over in PA. Expect a guest report from him when his Grand Tour finally comes to an end.

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  1. they don't call you the hammuh for nuttin'
    good thing joey doug brought a camera