Thursday, August 26, 2010

Make The Best of What's Around

While Brett was out in Wyoming feeding dry flies to wild trout, I was stuck here in the Buckeye State with my thumb up my ass, on the verge of commiting piscatorial suicide. Somehow I ended up catching the carp bug, an illness commonly found in midwestern fly fishers with nothing better to do than to fish for giant scuzzy water rats.

To their credit, carp have proven much more challenging to take on flies than I thought they'd be. I've definitely had to earn the few hookups I've gotten this summer.

I've even come to believe that carp are beautiful in their own right. Rainbow-what?

Well, let's not kid ourselves; Carp aren't going to make me forget about trout anytime soon, but I have had a lot of fun chasing them this summer. Maybe next summer I'll get serious about creek chubs...

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