Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dudewater Swag Is IN!

Here's the skinny: The swag is IN! In order to ensure that we're delivering the highest quality product to our reader, they've been in field testing for the last week or so...

The review on the koozies: They keep cold beers cold. An essential summer fishing accessory. 

The review on the lid: They've proven capable of generating some serious multi-species mojo. They also look HOT on the ladies...

So how do you get your mits on the sweetest headgear to hit the rivers since Lefty's neck flap? It's easy. mail a personal check for $25 to

Jim Lampros
5267 Spencer Road
Lyndhurst, OH 44124

That $25 will get you a Dudewater hat, a Dudewater koozie, and FREE shipping. Include a note with your return shipping address, and specify your color of choice for both items (green or orange). Questions? Email me by clicking on my blogger profile.

To sweeten the deal, we're going to be holding a photo contest throughout the summer season. Details to follow, but your DW lid will be a prerequisite to entry, so pick one up today and start stockpiling those hero shots!


  1. Nice swag. Where are you fishing? The Cuyahoga? I miss the days when I lived in Cleveland. I wasn't a fly fisherman 11 years ago which is a pure shame....

  2. Sweet awesome carp, and bronze. The hat is just too delicious to ignore as well.

    Lets trade coozies?

    revive fly fishing AT gmail .com

    Well done.